Group Program & Mastermind Mentorship
With Jessica Totillo Coster
For Businesses with 100k - 3M+ in Yearly Revenue

Grow the Traffic, Sales & Profit in Your eCommerce Business

The Full Badassery Megamind is a Group Coaching & Mastermind Mentorship designed to bring you the best of both expert training & peer support. 

If you're still trying to GROW your business, sometimes just being in a Mastermind isn't enough. Knowing what to do next is one thing, but how to do it is another. 

The eCommerce Badassery Megamind programs were created to give you full 360 support for your business from someone who knows what it feels like to do all. the. things. AND to bring together a small community of other eCommerce entrepreneurs where everyone is seen, heard, and can learn from one another.


Our Full Badassery Program is for eCommerce entrepreneurs generating at least six to multi 7-figures in Yearly Revenue.

Not at the 6-figure mark yet, but generating at least $25k in your business? Check out our Making Moves MegaMind.

Program Options


  • Bi-Monthly Training with Jessica or Subject Matter Expert
  • Bi-Monthly Implementation Support Calls related to previous training.
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls with Rotating Hot Seats to get direct feedback from your peers
  • Quarterly Facebook Ads Training with FB Ads Expert + Ongoing support in our private FB Group 
  • Mini-Audit: Website & Social Media
  • Access to the Vault and Making Moves MegaMind content
  • Private Facebook Group for Additional Support Between Calls

VIP (Only 5 Seats)

  • Facebook Ads Audit ($500 Value)
  • Quarterly 1:1 60-Minute Strategy Calls with Jessica ($800 Value)
  • Email Marketing Audit ($750 Value)
  • Private 1:1 Voxer Access with Jessica ($4500 Value)

Total VIP Value: $6550

Enrollment Ends January 19th!

We're kicking off January 20th, snag your seat!

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Standard Investment Options

Choose Monthly Billing or Pay in Full & Save 10%

VIP Investment Options

Choose Monthly Billing or Pay in Full & Save 10%

Why the eCommerce Badassery MegaMind

  • Learn & Grow

    Focused training designed to help you uplevel your eCommerce business. Go deeper into important topics that 6 & 7-figure eCommerce CEOs need to know.

  • Strategy & Accountability

    Get expert advice tailored to YOUR business from people who actually give a shit about YOUR success... not just their bank account. Plus, a swift kick in the ass when you need it.

  • Community

    Be surrounded by other eCommerce entrepreneurs who understand the struggle that comes with a business your size. Learn from and support each other.

Your Leader & Strategist

Jessica is an eCommerce & Email Marketing Strategist for scrappy boutique owners & product entrepreneurs. She teaches actionable steps & strategies to grow and scale your eCommerce business. After 20+ years in the retail industry, owning her own multi 6-figure brick & mortar boutique, and 3 years as the ONLY employee of a 7-figure online learning from the top experts in the digital marketing & eCommerce industry, now she's sharing everything she learned the hard way so you don't have to.

Jessica Totillo Coster

Founder / CEO of eCommerce Badassery

Your FB Ads Expert

After almost 3 years in the corporate world, Nicole knew it was not for her… But marketing, helping people be seen and make more money, was definitely a passion of her’s. When her husband brought up the idea to start her own Marketing Agency focused on the Small Businesses she loved to support, she ran with it. Almost 18 months into her business she has now helped multiple business owners go full time, hit 6 AND 7-figures in their business, and has helped clients hit over 1 million dollars in revenue from FB Ads in 2020.

Nicole Diedrich

FB Ads Expert / CEO of Diedrich Marketing Strategies


  • Bi-Weekly Calls

    Our bi-weekly 90-minute calls will take place on Zoom, Wednesdays at 11 AM Pacific Time. Facebook Ad Trainings will be scheduled in addition to these standard bi-weekly calls.

  • Facebook Group

    Connect with and support your fellow members in a private FB group. Jessica & Nicole will also be in the group daily to answer your questions.

  • Course Content Area

    All calls, training, and additional resources will be stored in a course content hub for you to access anytime while you're enrolled in the program.


  • Month A - Week 1: Training with Jessica or Subject Matter Expert

  • Month A - Week 3: Mastermind Call

  • Month B - Week 1: Q&A / Implementation Support

  • Month B - Week 3: Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Is this a 6-month program?

    Initially yes. The beta release will be a 6-month program. While I don't know exactly how the program will evolve, it will likely grow into a full 12-month program that rolls into a monthly membership.

  • Will I Get Individualized Attention?

    Yes! Having been a member of a few group programs myself, I know how it feels to be in a large group of people where you feel like just a number. While the program may grow and expand in the future, the current max enrollment is 9 participants with 5 VIP spots.

  • What if I want to Continue Beyond 6 Months?

    During the last month of the program you will have first dibs on available seats to continue for an additional 6 months.

  • Can I Go Month to Month After the First 6-Months?

    Not at this time. While that may be an option in the future, the current 6-month minimum means I can pour all my energy into you, instead of filling up empty seats

  • What is the Cancellation Policy?

    You may leave the program after the 6-month commitment has been met.

  • How Do the Mastermind Calls Work?

    At the beginning of the program we will pre-schedule everyone's hot seat. You will get 2 hot seats in a 6-month period.

    Each participant will be required to submit their hot seat question to Jessica one week before your scheduled call.

    This is to ensure you're coming to the table with as much pertinent information as possible in order to receive great feedback from your peers and make sure the calls are efficient and productive.

  • What Happens if I Miss a Call?

    All calls will be recorded (barring any tech issues) and uploaded to the course platform (Thinkific) for you to access at any time.

  • Are You Guaranteeing I'll Increase the Traffic, Sales & Profit in My eCommerce Business?

    I don't offer guarantees in our programs as each person's situation, business, product, coachability, and ability to implement is unique.

    However, I have helped numerous clients and audience members accomplish this through both my Free and Paid Content.

  • Is My Information Safe?

    Yes! Everyone in the program is required to sign a mutual NDA that prohibits them from sharing anything about your business that you share in the group.

    I'm committed to making this a safe space for everyone to learn & grow together.

Standard Investment Options

Choose Monthly Billing or Pay in Full & Save 10%

VIP Investment Options

Choose Monthly Billing or Pay in Full & Save 10%

Making Less Than $100k/Year?

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